About Us

No wallflowers, here.

We're dedicated, trained horticulturists, specializing in the production of desert native and drought tolerant plants. Look no further than Desert Natives Nursery for plants that have been grown-from start to finish-in our high desert climate. 


Unlike "big box stores," we do not order plants grown in other regions, and we don't offer species that aren't going to survive in  harsh desert climates.  

We stick close to our "roots." 

Commercial nurseries often use herbicides and pesticides that are harmful to pollinators, such as Honey Bees, Carpenter Bees, moths, butterflies and hummingbirds.  We do not now, nor will we ever use harmful chemicals in the production of the plants that we offer.  

We feel it's best to work alongside nature-not against it.  Numerous species of "reptiles in residence" are our "in house pest control team," and they do a  fantastic job of keeping our growing grounds free of pests.